May 24, 2018

The Socialvite Pledge

  • Dancing to our Own Drum Beat.  Socialvite is choosing a different way of doing business than other companies in the supplement industry.   Our ongoing charitable giving are investments in our client’s communities helping them to become more sustainable and powerful forces for good.
  • Give something back.  Corporate compassion is not just a marketing slogan, but the foundation that Socialvite is built on. Our business is built around our charitable giving arm which makes it an efficient and valuable partner to partnered communities.
  • Quality in manufacturing. Socialvite, Inc. makes the highest quality nutritional products. Products are manufactured following FDA GMPs, in facilities that are NSF GMP certified. Every batch of raw materials and finished products are independently tested.
  • Do the Right Thing. With every purchase made, a donation is made. Use your purchasing power to support your community. Reach out and support those organizations that are working tirelessly to make tomorrow an even better place to live.